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Why SonanuTech

SonanuTech combines recent advances in photonic technologies, material science and nanotechnology to offer a quantum leap in speed and sensitivity for biological assays used in food and clinical settings.

Unique Technology

A variety of unique technologies that are covered by patents

Customized Solutions

A willingness to explore new application areas and work with customers to provide the best solution to their problems.


A wealth of research expertise and experience, with the backing of major research Universities


Got Phage?

PhageCheck is a rapid phage test that identifies susceptibilities of bacterial culture to infectious bacteriophages in whey, milk, starter culture and in the environment.

Dairy fermentation relies on indirect measurements, such as monitoring acidity of the fermenting milk during the fermentation process or counting of plaques on agar plates. In contrast, our phage assay has rapid turnaround times, providing actionable results about the infectious phage concentrations as low as 1000 PFU/mL.

SonanuTech phage test can be performed ahead of time on incoming milk, during the fermentation process on whey, salt whey at the end of the process and environmental swabs to track phage infection and spread in “real-time”.

How it works

Add the sample, bacterial culture and the test reagents to the micro tubes provided. The micro tube is inserted into the detector. The presence of phages is automatically indicated by the processed signal.

Got Bac?

Our photonics based bacteria assay for fermentation offers a rapid detection of bacteria in yeast fermentation processes.

During vinification, certain bacteria spoil the wine by producing lactic acid and acetic acid that leads to sour taste and vinegar-like aroma. This is a serious problem, causing “stuck” fermentation. In addition, these bacteria introduces bitter or unwanted taste.

SonanuTech offers a simple test to monitor bacterial presence to prevent turned wines. This test can be used to identify bacterial presence in all fermentation processes.

How it works

Add the fermentation sample to the provided cassette. The cassette contains all the reagents required for the test. The cassette is inserted into the device and the presence of bacteria is indicated by the processed signal in the form of red, yellow or green light. The threshold bacterial concentration for the indicator can be customized based on the specific needs of the customer.

SonanuTech Offers

Sonanutech is also developing a rapid test for bacterial pathogens that can be completed in less than two hours with a limit of detection in the range of 100-1000 CFU/mL.


SonanuTech Inc. is a UC Davis startup that is bringing rapid diagnostics to the food and healthcare industry. We are looking for an energetic person to fill a six month contract position that requires expertise in microbiology and preferably with an interest in laboratory instrumentation. The successful candidate will work with the Principal Scientist to develop a method to detect phages. The duties include culturing and plating of phages, and quantifying phages by optical methods.


The successful candidate will have in experience in most of the following areas:

  • Culturing and isolating bacteria or bacteriophages from growth media.
  • Characterization of bacteria and bacteriophages by plate counting.
  • Characterization of bacteria and bacteriophages by fluorescence plate reader.
  • Isolation and characterization of DNA/RNA from both bacteria and bacteriophages.
  • Developing experimental protocols.
  • Writing reports and operating procedures.

In addition, experience in the following would be advantageous:

PCR, electrophoresis, blotting techniques, knowledge of fermentation, microfluidics and optical instrumentation.


Minimum of a BS degree with some lab experience.

MS with lab experience is preferred.

The appointment is initially for six months from 1st July 2014. Remuneration will be consistent with the qualifications of the applicant. Review of applications will start in mid June with interviews to follow. Candidates can provide contact information and a very brief CV in the Comments box.

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If you have any questions about how SonanuTech can solve your measurement or imaging problems, please contact us using the email form.

SonanuTech is housed in the Sacramento area of northern California. 

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